Path to Abundance


Have you been feeling stuck in life? Unfulfilled and uninspired by your day job? and exhausted by your day to day grind? Knowing deep down you were made for so much more but aren’t quite sure how to get there?

Well, let’s chat...

I want to know what drives you in life. What do you yearn for? What do you need to begin to live out the life of your dreams? What are your pain points? What does freedom mean to you? What does your dream life look like? And what is your WHY?

For me, this has always been clear. I am motivated by the desire to attract abundance into all areas of my life so I can give back to others. This looks like a life where I work remotely, I have the freedom to choose how to spend my days, and my work is an extension of my purpose in life: to help others feel their best and live out the life of their dreams.  And I do this because this is a life that is authentic to me, this is a life where I am able to act as my highest self and with this freedom, I am able to give back energetically in the forms of time and money. I believe authenticity is one of the greatest forms of medicine today. When we have dissatisfaction with what we do in any or all areas of our lives, it creates diseases in our bodies.  Don’t wait for illness or rock bottom to make a change.




Abundance is freedom. It allows you to wake up and make the decision of how you want to spend your day. It allows you to choose how you want to spend your holidays. It allows you to decide if you want to invest in a business coach or a personal development course for yourself. It allows you to invest in a yoga teacher training course... or to become a health coach… or hire someone to help you when you’re feeling really overwhelmed.

It is that freedom.


Because the truth is we no longer need to apply for that job and trade long hours in an office for a paycheck. There are business opportunities everywhere these days, thanks to the internet. There are more opportunities than ever to attract abundance into your life and this happens when you step up to be your highest self.

Abundance is the result of worthiness. Our levels of abundance are in exact correlation with how worthy we feel about ourselves. It has nothing to do with how many degrees you have or what schools you studied at, but instead, it has to do with how you look at yourself in the mirror every day.


And maybe this abundance stuff all sounds too good to be true. Maybe you’re feeling skeptical. But what if I told you, it’s not. What if I told you I’d found another way.

If you’ve read my story, you know a little bit more about myself. In college, I became a health and wellness junkie and from there my whole life changed. I started studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in May of 2017 and began to take on clients at the beginning of 2018. When I was presented with this business opportunity, to own my own health and wellness business partnering with the most researched nutritional product in the world, I wasn’t searching for it. But in so many ways, that is the beauty of it. All of these little coincidences aren’t coincidences at all. Joining this incredible network of healers and heart-centered business owners, was one of the best decisions I have ever made. And sure, I was definitely skeptical in the beginning, but I knew that I needed to make more money and after a few weeks on the products, I was hooked. There was no turning back. This business has allowed me to create the life for myself that I’ve always wanted, I moved out to Colorado, I travel often, I am able to work from anywhere and most importantly my job is centered around helping others and there is no greater gift than that.

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Whether you have always wanted to be your own boss, but have no idea where to begin or perhaps you're looking for something new, or to take your current health business to the next level. It’s time to start living life on your own terms, traveling when and where you like, and working where and with whom you like.

If you're still here thinking, maybe this is what I’ve been searching for, maybe this is just what I need right now.... Then fill out the contact form below and hit send for more info.


Let’s start building you a heart-centered dream business together and create the life you have always desired.