I couldn’t be happier to have you here.

Somehow you made your way here, reading this because you are ready for a change. However you got here, I don’t believe it was by coincidence, I actually don’t believe anything is a coincidence. I believe the universe is constantly giving us signs and synchronicities leading us where we need to go... but if we’re disconnected from ourselves or stuck in our heads, we can miss them.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe 2019 is the time for you to step into your power and begin to change your life. And when I say change, I don’t mean short-term diets or new years resolutions kind of change, but rather, real, sustainable life transformation.


One-On-One Coaching

Together we will begin to tackle and dive deep into your own experiences and relationships with food, self-love, community, mindset, movement, sexuality, creativity and spirituality. We will create a coaching program that is individualized to you and covers exactly what you need to focus on to begin to transform your life. 

  • Create a personal manifesto of the foods that fuel you and raise your vibration and end addiction to foods that make you feel less than and lower your vibration

  • Learn how to eat intuitively in order to discover the liberating balance between enjoying food and putting your well-being at the top of the priority list

  • Shape a kinder, healthier relationship with food and your body

  • Master the self-love practices that heal and energize your personal and professional life

  • Learn how to put yourself first and end the belief that self-love and self-care is selfish

  • Develop a self-care regimen that fills you up so that you can be more in service to your community and your loved ones

  • Learn daily rituals to tap into your inherent strengths to feel calm, grounded, inspired, and focused

  • Reshape your relationships that need tending, mending, or ending

  • Experience the beauty of what it feels like to take up space in this world by feeling safe to speak your truth and allow yourself to be seen in your relationships

  • Attract an authentic like-minded community of people into your life

  • Learn the law of attraction and how to utilize it to begin to shape the life of your dreams

  • Take a close look at the fears and the limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Begin to let go of the stranglehold of perfectionism

  • Learn how to access and trust your intuition to end your battle with self-doubt

  • Tap into positive emotions more often: joy, gratitude, peace, pride, accomplishment, satisfaction

  • Uncover ways to move your body and exercise in which you ENJOY, instead of what you think you should be doing

  • Get out of your head and shift negative energy, anxiety, and the feeling of stuckness in the body to get back to positivity

  • Reshape your relationship with sensuality and pleasure

  • Feel safe to discuss fears around sexuality, and learn how to foster safe boundaries and open communication when it comes to sex

  • Feel deserving of and curious about what you desire

  • Discover how to be safe to explore your personal sensual nature

  • Bring your unique voice and style to the world, so you feel authentic and truly seen

  • Tap into the limitless well of ideas inside you, pushing past resistance and increasing the value you bring to your work

  • Master the art of making space for your artistic desires

  • Reclaim and express your inner artist for true fulfillment, joy, and satisfaction

  • Learn how to trust the power within you, as well as your connection with something greater than yourself (god, the universe, source) in order to build confidence and walk in the world gracefully

  • Create or deepen your own personal spiritual or ritual practices for grounded, loving energy


“…In our first session, Lili talked to me like a friend, related to how I was feeling instead of advising like you might think. She made an effort to spend the time to understand what I was going through so that she was capable of finding ways to help me. We talked about my goals and set specific goals for my for the weeks coming. What Lili did so well was help me scale my expectations so that I could work hard but still feasibly achieve them…”

Lucy, 22 years old

“… Lili was my trusted guide, helping me explore my health, both mental and physical, in a way that helped me identify areas where I could make changes. Most importantly, I saw significant improvement in my health over the six months we worked together. I highly recommend her sessions to anyone looking for answers about how to live a more balanced life or for anyone struggling with chronic or recurring health issues…”

Taylor, 25 years old

“… I learned a lot from Lili about self-love and self care and how these are the most important things no matter what you’re doing in your life because if you’re not taking care of your own physical, emotional and mental health, then you can’t be successful in other areas of your life. Lili was also a wonderful model of how to give yourself grace and mercy each day and to be kind to yourself and take care of yourself. She is so supportive, loving, kind, and open…”

Amanda, 25 years old


I am ready to live my life with a sense of

who I am

why I am here

what I came to do

I choose to live MY life!

not someone else’s

nor anyone else’s idea of what my life should be

I choose to live my life through

my passion

my purpose

my power.

I choose to live my life from my

yearning for freedom

appetite for wholeness

desire to see the world

longing for infinite love

urge to explore the unknown

dedication to a higher purpose

I choose to live my life as a creative woman.

I create my life

I create my relationships

I create my contribution

I choose to live my life from

my dream

my vision

my heart’s quest

I give myself permission

to be myself

to live my dream

to do my destiny

I can no longer sell out because I know who I am.

I cannot be taken advantage of because

I energetically define my own space.

I will not cop out because

I create my own power.

I cannot be co-opted because

I am whole and complete within myself.

- Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

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Here’s what I know to be true…

When women feel strong, confident, supported and self-loving, the entire world benefits and heals.

When women are healthy and lit up from deep inside, their relationships with those around them and their careers thrive.

When women feel deserving of what they want, they fill their cups up first and stand strongly in their boundaries, it creates a ripple effect of positive energy into the world and pure magic happens.

This is why I do what I do. Together we can change the world.

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 you will receive:

One on One Biweekly Phone or Skype Calls

Reflections and Notes on all Sessions

Unlimited Email Support

A Safe Space for Inner Exploration

Tools for Journaling and Self-Reflection

A Welcome Gift to Kick Start your Daily Rituals


Life doesn’t need to be filled with stress, anxiety and resistance. Together we will begin to take the steps necessary to invite, joy, love, trust and abundance back into your everyday life.

It may not always be easy along the way as we face and let go of some uncomfortable baggage you’ve been holding on to, but I can assure you it will be more than worth it. You are worth it.



So ask yourself:

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Are you done with being stuck in a victim mentality and ready to shift to an abundance mindset? 

Are you ready to make transformative and sustainable change in your life?

Are you dying to access that vibrant inner world inside of you, reclaiming this powerful mind-body-soul connection?


 Step 1:

Tell me a little bit about yourself.


Step 2:

Schedule your 45 free coaching call.