I wanted to change the world.

I wanted to do meaningful work, to have an impact and dedicate myself to a purpose greater than myself.


My name is Lili,


and I am a holistic life coach and yoga teacher with a passion for living life on my own terms, being in the outdoors, traveling, adventuring, healing, helping others, creating conscious community and making a positive impact in this world.

Growing up in a high-pressure environment in the North East, USA, I was very familiar with and accustomed to the pressure to be “perfect”, to follow the rules, to be “successful”. I was taught what clothes to wear, how to act, how to always be nice, how to put others first and please as many people around me as possible. And while on the outside, this might look like a picture of “success”, on the inside it was crippling. That constant pressure and need for external validation, leads to insecurity and a great feeling of disconnect from yourself, especially speaking from the perspective of a young woman.

And on a much greater level, the epidemic of insecurity and lack of self-worth among women in our world breeds jealousy, resentment, deception, self-loathing, ugly words

and conversations, obsession with body image, numbing with drugs and alcohol, and so much more. And ultimately we then just begin to move through the motions of life: partying, hanging on to toxic relationships, working jobs we hate, eating unhealthy food, and totally drowning in the daily grind.

And that’s exactly what I was doing. The summer after my junior year of college, I got an internship at a prestigious executive search firm, I worked the daily grind in a corporate office, I partied in my free time and I was miserable. I felt dull and unfulfilled and unattached each day sitting in my cubicle.

But the truth is, eventually this destructive cycle begins to break us down, it manifests as disease in the body or chronic stress or anxiety or extreme self-loathing. And the crazy part is, all the while, on the inside, we’re silently screaming for help and trying so damn hard to break free from this vicious cycle. But so often, we don’t even know where to begin.


it doesn’t have to be this way?

Despite the programming that was deeply embedded into us as kids, we have the power to change it. We have the power to literally begin to change out neurological processes to free ourselves from this vicious cycle. We have the power to live a different way.

I always knew I wanted to change the world, I wanted to do meaningful work, to have an impact and dedicate myself to a purpose greater than myself.  And through time, reflection, sitting with myself, silence, my purpose became clear. I made the decision that I was no longer willing to settle for a life that didn’t set my soul on fire, that didn’t have me waking up in the morning excited to take on the day, that didn’t support my greater purpose and wasn’t directly helping people who needed what I have to offer.

I am here to help young women around the world, transform their relationship with themselves and begin to live out the life of their dreams.

When women feel powerful in their skin, they support other women, they believe in themselves, they become unstoppable change makers.  I wholeheartedly believe that women stepping into their power is the key to save the world and I am here to help them do that.


 So how did this all come about?

While living overseas and attending college in Scotland, I became passionate about health, wellness and the power of the mind/body connection. I’d cook plant-based food, watch documentaries, read books and completely immerse myself in this whole new world in my free time. Through this immersion and after my experience in a corporate internship, it became clear to me that I wouldn’t follow the conventional path after graduation that many of my classmates, friends, and flatmates would. I was committed to creating life on my terms.

When I finished my studies, I worked as a waitress, saved my money, and I packed up my backpack and left on an 8-month adventure around Asia and Australia. Diving head first into Eastern spirituality, I completed my first 10 days silent Vipassana meditation retreat in Thailand and a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in the foothills of Kathmandu, Nepal. My life was changing as I knew it. My mind opening, my body taking it all in, I was living and learning and loving.

Marrying the teachings of yoga, mindfulness meditation, the law of abundance, holistic nutrition and positive psychology, I began to heal. You know what they say, if you want to change the world, you must change yourself. For the past 2 1/2 years, it’s been a journey. A journey of learning and unlearning, a journey of pain and pleasure, a journey of releasing fear, embracing love and stepping into my power.


 And through this journey, I faced my limiting beliefs about myself, my fears, my insecurities and my doubts head-on. I sat with them, felt them, accepted them and even embraced them. I began to wake up every morning and tell myself I loved myself until I fell in love with myself and others. I stopped worrying about what others thought of me, dropped the shame that I was carrying around, stopped looking to others for validation, started making my own decisions, and started living my life to the fullest. Through this journey, I traveled around the world, transformed my career, began to attract abundance into my life, and started experiencing miracles all around me.

Don’t get me wrong, in no way was this easy. And at times I found myself in darker places than I’d ever been before. But yet, this journey brought me to this very moment.  A place where I can breathe easy, confident that I am on the exact path I am meant to be on, equipped with the skills to take on life challenges with as much grace as possible, and feeling fully enamored with life itself: the good, the bad and the ugly of it all.


My purpose in life is to help women who feel stuck, discouraged, confused, or insecure, step into their power and start living the life of their dreams on their terms. I am here to share the knowledge that I have learned along my journey, as well as my intuitive mind and presence, with others, to empower them to heal and change their lives. It is never too late to start over. Once you adopt an abundance mindset, develop authentic self-love, and become grounded in an unwavering sense of self, your life will begin to change rapidly.

Are you ready to create and live out the most epic story that is perfectly unique and fitted to you? Life is one giant adventure and time is of the essence. Start today. Learn more about my coaching here to begin the most important journey of your lifetime.